Eden and Lauren's Bat Mitzvah Tzedaka Project

Dear Family and Friends,


Becoming B’not Mitzvah means that we have become part of the community. The Talmud teaches that all of Israel is responsible for one another.


We think Ten Gav is a great way to help specific people with specific needs right here in Israel. Please help us help others by collecting donations for this organization.



Eden and Lauren Brodsky


 Messages for Eden and Lauren

Mazel Tov to Eden and Lauren and their family!  Thank you for partnering with Ten Gav to help Israeli families in need.

The Ten Gav Team

Lauren and Eden,

Mazal Tov to you and your family on your upcoming Bat Mitzvah!

We look forward to sharing in this simcha with you via Zoom.

We send you all our wishes for good health, much success and happiness.

Muriel and Felix Zwiebel

Dear Lauren and Eden,

Mazel Tov on your B'not Mitzvah!

I wish you much joy and success in the years ahead.

I look forward to sharing in this memorable simcha with you.


With lots of love,

Cousin Natalie Landy

Mazel Tov to Eden and Lauren

We are all very proud of you on the occasion of your B'Not Mitzvah.

We hope to see you soon in person.

Best wishes for continues success


Judy and Nathan Laufer

עדן ולוריין יקרות!

ברכות חמות לבת המצווה.

שתמצאו הרבה שמחה ואושר, בבית הספר, עם חברים ועם המשפחה!


אוהבים גל ושמרית

Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah. We watched it on Zoom, and you both were Awesome!!!

Dale and Alan Singer

Mazel Tov Lauren and Eden.

What a memorable Bat Mitzvah we all shared. Watching you and your family celebrating in Israel was heartfelt.

We will always remember your very special zoom Bat Mitzvah.


Esther and Ron Sirkis

Mazel tov on your bat mitzvah.

We truly wish we were there to be with you. Cleo, Summer and I watched you yesterday and you both were amazing! Lol Hakovod and Mazel Tov again.


Love, Harvey Summer & Cleo

Mazel Tov Lauren & Eden!

We enjoyed watching your service last month on Zoom. And what a fantastic bat mitzvah project! Hope you are both enjoying your adventure in Israel.


Michael & Rachel Erdman

(friends of your parents)

Eden and Lauren:

You did such a great job! Mazal tov. We hope to see you soon.


michelle etan netta ella and gaul  

Babi and Zaidi are very proud of you.

We wish we could be with you to celebrate in person but are certainly with you in spirit. Your choice of this Tzedakah project to commemerate your B'not Mitzvah illustrates your commitment to Tikun Olam


Love you

Babi and Zaidi

Dear Eden and Lauren,

I'm so happy to have met you both at the brunch at your grandparents.

Mazel tov.


Mimi Arnstine

Mazel Tov to you both.

We were looking forward to celebrating with you and your family in Israel, but instead we will celebrate this simcha via Zoom.


Love to you and your family. Sharon & David Gelperin

Dear Eden and Lauren;

We are so sorry that we could not be with you in Israel on this solemn occasion but we will be completely with you on zoom.

It gives us great pride to see that you have aachieved this stepping stone to adulthood via your Bat Mitzvahs.

We wish you long, happy, and fulfilling lives With deepest love, Grandma and Grandpa

Dear Eden and Lauren,  

What a privilege it was to attend your Bat Mitzvah today. 

Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful site and the opportunity to do צדקה. 

In every way Am Yisrael has benefited by your presence in the world.



Judy and Lee Snitzer

Dear Eden and Lauren, It was a delight to celebrate at you Zoom B'not Mitzvah. We wish you great joy as you mark this milestone. Your poise on the bimah was fabulous and your words of Torah very meaningful! May you and your parents and brothers go from strength to strength. Mazal Tov! Donna and Harvey Leviton


Phyllis Blau

Dear Eden and Lauren - Congratulations on your Bat Mitzvah! Wishing you lots of joy and health, happiness and success, and hoping to see you in person soon!


Becky, Irad, Amnon, Aryeh and Yardena

Mazel Tov!

We are so impressed and proud of the young Jewish adults you both have become.

May this milestone lead you both towards a journey to make this world a better place.

Sending love from Portlandת

The Gluckmans

Mazel Tov to you both.

I look forward to Zooming in on June 11th and sharing this simcha with you and your family.



Lili Chester

Dear Eden and Lauren,

We send our best wishes for a wonderful Bat Mitzvah experience.

We send our love and support for your project.


Mitzi & Terry Kane

Mazel tov and all good wishes on this happy occaision.



Myrna Groger

Congratulations and how lucky to be in Israel.

I look forward to watching you both


All the best.

Judy Horvitz

 Mazel Tov on Your Bat Mitzvah


Jim and Joanne Smith

Lauren and Eden

Wishing you and your family

Mazel Tov on your B’not Mitzvah. We are so looking forward to sharing it with you and your family.


Harriette and Fred Burstein

Dear Lauren and Eden,

We can’t wait to join you on zoom for your B’not Mitzvah.

We send you all our love and best wishes on this milestone in your lives! B’shalom,


Saranee and Neil

Dear Eden and Lauren,  

What a privilege it was to attend your Bat Mitzvah today. 

Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful site and the opportunity to do צדקה. 

In every way Am Yisrael has benefited by your presence in the world.



Judy and Lee Snitzer

Lauren and Eden:

We are so happy to celebrate with you this milestone in your growth as Jewish women.

We know that you are a tremendous source of Nachat to your entire family and to all who know you. May you grow and go from Strength to Strength and continue to give joy to all.

Mary and Jack Baumgarten

Mazel Tov from Dr. Michael and Ms. Mickey Appleman from Minneapolis.

Nothing be health, happiness, and success

Congratulations on your B'not Mitzvah. We enjoyed watching it on zoom. Both of you were wonderful.

Norman & Hana Kahn