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Bed for Carmi

Stav, 39, is divorced and raising three children on her own. Over the years, Stav worked as an aide to the elderly, but she is currently unemployed. She supports her family on monthly government stipends, including her own disability payments.

Stav has difficulty parenting her children, especially in trying to set limits and boundaries. As a result, two of her children currently attend boarding schools.

Stav tries her hardest to make ends meet each month. She certainly has no money for "extras". At the moment, her 14-year-old son, Carmi, sleeps on a broken bed when he comes home. A growing boy certainly deserves a good night's sleep but without a new bed, it will be hard for Carmi to get one.

Total Needed: $ 680 / 2,163 NIS

Verified by: Ety Sabag, Department of Social Services, Acco

Case No.: 210437



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