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Bed for Eli

Oren, 40, and Hannah, 38, are doing their best to hold down full-time jobs. Unfortunately, Oren suffers from a painful skin condition that makes work difficult. Both he and Hannah earn only minimum wage.

In addition to Oren’s 18- and 19-year-old children from his first marriage, he and Hannah have three kids, ages five, three, and one and a half. The couple’s three-year-old son, Eli, suffers from a genetic disease that has affected his brain development. He is confined to bed, breathes with the help of an oxygen tank and receives nutrition through a tube. The entire family works to take care of him; they have special ways of communicating with him and do what they can to support him.

Oren and Hannah also make a point of spending quality fun time with their little girls and tending to their needs as much as possible. Eli’s care, however, is very expensive, leaving little money for anything else. He now needs a new bed, but Oren and Hannah don’t have the means with which to buy one for him.


Total Needed: $ 670 / 2,163 NIS

Verified by: Vera Skliarsky, Department of Social Services, Ofakim

Case No.: 210329



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