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Bed for Isaac

Leah, 49, is going through a very rough time. She suffers from depression, OCD, and PTSD, which leave her with very little energy to work or take care of her house and children.

Leah has difficulty setting boundaries with her children, and they have stopped listening to her. At 28, Leah’s oldest has some emotional issues and, although she no longer lives at home, she spends a lot of time there. Leah’s second child, Levi, 21, was recently released from prison and is now under house arrest, Levi’s girlfriend is pregnant and lives in the apartment as well.

When Levi was sent home, Leah had to leave her job in order to supervise him. Now that she’s not working, Leah has no means with which to support her youngest son, Isaac, 15. As the apartment filled up, Isaac began sleeping on an old sofa in the living room. A neighbor recently put up a plaster wall, partitioning space to give Isaac some privacy, but he needs a bed. Unfortunately, Leah does not have the money with which to buy him one.

Total Needed $ 640 / 2,060 NIS

Verified by: Dorit Brand, Department of Social Services, Ofakim

Case No.: 210269



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