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Bed for Rafi

Rafi, 61, is divorced and, unfortunately, has lost touch with his five adult children. He is truly alone. To make matters worse, Rafi suffers from a number of physical disabilities and needs round-the-clock care. Among his illnesses are epilepsy and diabetes. Rafi lives off his monthly disability stipend, the bulk of which goes towards his various medications.

Rafi recently moved into a government-subsidized apartment which is completely unfurnished. While social services is helping him however they can, Rafi is desperate for a bed. Given his deteriorating physical condition, a good bed is vital for his well-being. Unfortunately, this is an expense that Rafi cannot afford.


Total Needed: $ 735 / 2,369 NIS

Verified by: Eti Sabag, Department of Social Services, Acco

Case No.: 210372



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