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Bed for Matan

Orit, 43, is struggling to stand on her own two feet. Her first marriage, at the age of 20, resulted in twin boys. After nine years, Orit and her husband divorced and to this day, he pays no child support. Over the years, Orit supported herself and her boys on a monthly government stipend, along with her income as a part-time kindergarten assistant.

10 years ago, Orit remarried. She had another son, Matan, who was diagnosed with autism. Orit and her second husband divorced three years ago, and they now have joint custody of Matan.

Orit is no longer working, as one of her twins is under house arrest, and she has to be home to supervise him. She is struggling to support her family on her monthly government stipends. In addition to her daily expenses, Orit is trying to pay back debts that she has accrued over the years.

As Orit tries to make ends meet, she certainly doesn't have any money for "extras". Matan is currently sleeping on a broken bed, and a new bed would certainly make a huge difference in his quality of life.

Total Needed: $ 675 / 2,163 NIS

Verified by: Ety Sabag, Department of Social Services, Acco

Case No.: 210436



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