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Bed for Rivka and Moshe

Rivka, 41, and Moshe, 43, are raising four young children (ages 5-10) under very trying circumstances. In the past, Rivka suffered from a detached retina, has had numerous eye surgeries, and is visually impaired. She does not work outside of the home, as she even struggles with keeping house and caring for the children. Moshe suffers from cardiac issues which leave him chronically exhausted. He works in quality assurance at a factory. The family survives on Moshe's minimal income and a disability stipend for one of their sons.

Eliyahu, the couple's ten-year-old son, suffers from cerebral palsy. He needs round-the-clock care, which is both emotionally and financially draining.

Rivka and Moshe's small apartment is sparsely furnished and in severe disrepair. The couple is currently sleeping on a broken bed. If they could get help buying a new bed, it would certainly improve their quality of life.


Total Needed: $ 740 / 2,369 NIS

Verified by: Emuna Hedva Reiner, Department of Social Services, Hadera

Case No.: 210278



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