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Beds for Bina and Moshe's children

Bina and Moshe, both 38, are doing their very best to support their 12 young children (ages 2-17). Bina works as a special ed teacher and Moshe works as a butcher. Unfortunately, their combined incomes don't come close to covering the expenses involved in raising such a large family. While social services helps in whatever ways they can, the family lives in abject poverty.

Bina and Moshe's apartment is old and in complete disrepair. The furnishings are minimal and shoddy. Closets are missing doors, beds are broken and appliances don't work. The children are forced to share beds, and there is a complete lack of privacy. These living conditions have led to increased tension in the house and anger between the family members.

If Bina and Moshe could get help buying two pull-out couches, allowing the children to each have their own sleeping space, the family's quality of life would greatly improve.

Total Needed: $ 1,538 / 4,944 NIS

Verified by: Rivkah Gablayev, Department of Social Services, Netivot

Case No.: 210403



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