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Beds for Kayla's girls

Kayla, 32, divorced her husband, the father of her three daughters, three years ago. He is rarely in touch with the family and does not pay any child support.

Over the years, Kayla has held a variety of temporary jobs but currently, because of her functional difficulties, she is unable to work. Kayla relies on her government stipend to support herself and her children, ages 6-9. The family of four lives in a small apartment where the girls share a bedroom. Two of them have worn-out, uncomfortable beds, while the third sleeps on an old mattress on the floor.

Kayla would like the girls to get a good night’s sleep, something that is currently impossible. Having appropriate beds would make a real difference, but Kayla cannot afford them.


Total Needed: $ 1,140 / 3,657 NIS

Verified by: Iris Banio Reuven, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba

Case No.: 210271



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