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Beds for Nina's girls

Nina, 33, is raising her three-year-old twin daughters on her own. The girls' father has never acknowledged them and pays no child support.

Nina worked as a secretary until the girls were born. Knowing she couldn't afford childcare for two children, she quit her job to take care of them. Once she was ready to go back to work, the Corona crisis had hit and she was unable to find work.

Nina and her children have been living with Nina's parents. It is far from an ideal situation since her parents disapproved of her pregnancy and are not supportive of her life choices. Two months ago, Nina rented an apartment and is looking forward to moving in. Unfortunately, the apartment is completely empty, and Nina needs to find the means to furnish it.

Nina is determined to find a job and get back on her feet. She wants to build a stable, independent future for her and her children. Her most desperate need at the moment are beds for the girls. Once they can get a good night's sleep, Nina can begin to turn her life around.

Total Needed: $ 1,085 / 3,502 NIS

Verified by: Michal Gelbard, Department of Social Services, Holon

Case No.: 210377



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