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Beds for Nomi and Zev's children

Nomi, 33, and Zev, 34, are raising five young children (infant - 7 years old). Nomi is on maternity leave and brings in no income, and Zev just started a temporary job as a handyman. In addition to their monthly expenses, the couple has high debts to repay as well.

Nomi and Zev are trying to turn their life around. They recently joined a social services program that aims at helping impoverished families. They are receiving financial guidance, professional advice, help finding subsidized housing and information regarding their various rights. The couple cooperates fully with all of the program's requirements and guidelines.

As they struggle to get back on their feet, the condition of Nomi and Zev's apartment is dismal. Three of the children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor since their beds are broken. New beds are an expense Nomi and Zev cannot afford right now, but a good night's sleep for their children would certainly improve everyone's quality of life.

Total Needed $ 1100 / 3,502 NIS

Verified by: Danit Ohanar, Department of Social Services, Ofakim

Case No.: 210282



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