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Beds for Or

Or, 29, is raising three young children (ages 1-9) on her own. Or had a difficult childhood. Until 8th grade, she learned in the local school but starting from 9th grade, she was sent to boarding school due to difficulties at home. Or abused alcohol until the age of 20. A year ago, Or's father died, leaving Or to care for her mother and siblings.

Or and her children lived with her mother until nine months ago. They now live in a rented apartment which Or keeps tidy and organized. She works full time in a day care center and supports herself and her children completely independently. Because of her financial struggles, Or is in the process of declaring insolvency. This step should help her start with a clean state. She is also participating in a social services program that helps struggling families strengthen their family unit and stay together. Or is a devoted and loving mother and is determined to meet all of her children's needs and build them a brighter future.

Right now, Or and her children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, as she cannot afford to buy beds. This is a young woman who is making every effort to turn her life around; she and her children deserve a good night's sleep.


Total Needed: $ 740 / 2,060 NIS

Verified by: Tal Naveh, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Malachi

Case No.: 210273



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