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Beds for Rina and Daniel's children

Rina and Daniel Baladi are raising their four children (ages 5-15) under very trying circumstances. Daniel doesn't work due to severe psychological issues; he suffers from PTSD and borderline personality disorder. The family was surviving on Daniel's disability stipend and Rina's income as an aide to the elderly but after a violent incident at home, Rina had to stop working in order to be home with her children. This has obviously had a severe impact on the family's already tight financial status, as well as on the emotional dynamics in the home.

Currently, all four children are undergoing psychological treatment, and two of them have been removed from the home. Corona has negatively impacted Daniel's psychological well-being and heightened the tension at home.

Social services is very involved in helping the family and is trying to attend to some of their physical needs. There are not enough beds at home for all the kids, but Rina and Daniel cannot afford to buy new ones. If each of the children had a bed and a good night's sleep, everyone would benefit.

Total Needed: $ 1,100 / 3,502 NIS

Verified by: Rachela Peretz Kirschenbaum, Department of Social Services, Ofakim

Case No.: 210429



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