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Beds for Tikvah's children

Although she works long hours every day, Tikvah does not earn enough to take care of her children, as her job as a school cleaner brings in only minimum wage. Tikvah’s husband recently left her to move in with his girlfriend, and offers no help or support of any kind. The couple has begun divorce proceedings.

Tikva, 38, and her husband came to Israel from Ethiopia in 2007. She still struggles with Hebrew, which makes finding a better job difficult and intimidating. Tikvah is feeling overwhelmed with the difficulty of taking care of five kids (ages 8 – 18) by herself, with almost no money.

The six of them live in a three-room apartment. Three of the children sleep on mattresses on the floor of the living room. The other two share a legless single bed. For a good night’s sleep, each of the children needs his or her own bed. Because the apartment is so small, these need to be folding beds, so that there is room to move about during the day. Without enough money to cover her children’s daily needs, Tikvah cannot even imagine being able to buy them beds.


Total Needed: $ 1,530 / 4,944 NIS

Verified by: Yael Landau Schneider, Department of Social Services, Holon

Case No.: 210336



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