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Beds for Ziva's children

Ziva's story is sad but inspiring. Divorced and raising three children (ages 6-15) on her own, Ziva works as a customer service representative.

Ziva's background is troubling, as she grew up with an alcoholic father who abused her mother. When she herself got married, she suffered abuse as well. After a number of years, Ziva's husband tried to light their house on fire with her and her children inside. He was subsequently arrested and is serving five years of jail time. Ziva, understandably, wanted nothing more to do with him, and they are now divorced.

Ziva has undergone therapy and today feels much stronger and capable of moving forward. She is determined to turn her life around. Recently, she and her children moved into a government-subsidized apartment. The beds she previously had for her children were broken, and she knew that they would not survive the move. Unfortunately, Ziva cannot currently afford new beds, but her children certainly deserve a good night's sleep.

Total Needed: $ 1,350 / 4,326 NIS

Verified by: Ornit Ben Yishai, Department of Social Services, Acco

Case No.: 210406



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