After consultations with our partner social workers in agencies around the country, Ten Gav established the CORONA Relief Fund in March 2020 in order to deal with extraordinary circumstances created by the impact of the coronavirus.

The response of our donors has been as extraordinary as the times and we have raised $122,000 which has been given out in the form of computers, tablets, rent assistance, and course tuition payments to needy families from Dimona, Rishon LeZion, Kiryat Malachi and Holon. We have assisted 193 families to date.

As we plan the coming months until the end of 2020 we expect to receive an additional 15 requests for rent assistance, 125 requests for computers and tablets, and 15 requests for assistance with tuition payments. As a result, we have revised our initial goal of raising $158,000 / 550,000 NIS - the bulk of which has been raised in Phase I of our Corona Relief Fund - to a new goal of raising $283,000 / 965,000 NIS by the end of Phase II, which we anticipate being December 31, 2020.

We share this thank you note from a working mother of 11 who was let go from her job and who we assisted with her rent:

July 26, 2020
I wanted to thank you from the depths of my heart for the meaningful help that you have extended during these crazy days of the coronavirus pandemic when financial difficulties find expression each step of the way. Even normally (not during COVID-19), it is a great challenge to sustain a family of 11. All the more so during these days of corona, when I was sent home without pay from my work and received a pathetic salary of 1903 nis (about $560), and my husband’s hours (at work as a sales rep) were reduced to a minimum. The burden of paying rent was too much to bear in addition to the expenses of our daily lives and I had to turn to family members to borrow money. (But one month went into the next and I needed to pay rent again…) When I was told that there is an organization called Ten Gav that could possibly help me, I felt like angels from heaven were sent my way. I simply had no idea where I was going to get the funds to pay this coming month’s rent. It is very difficult to find work when everyone is letting employees go, and it is difficult to borrow money when everyone is in the same boat and doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring for them. Your help was a lifeline for my family….there are no words to describe what your help meant to us. May you be blessed from above….
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