william schwartz's bar mitzvah tzedakah project

Hi Everyone:


Thank you so much for visiting my bar mitzvah tzedakah project page.


I am very excited to be raising money for people in Israel who cannot afford the things they need.


Thank you so much for helping me help them!



some things i'd like you to know about Ten Gav

I like Ten Gav for the following reasons:


  • It funds real things for Israeli families in need.  Ten Gav gets requests for things like a washing machine or an oven.


  • It also gets requests to pay for a computer for a high school student, or for a course to help someone in their career.


  • Every application for funding that Ten Gav receives has been submitted by a social worker so you know it's genuine.  I like the idea that you can read a real story about the family you are helping.  It makes me feel a personal connection to them.


  • When my Bar Mitzvah is over,  I look forward to distributing, the money you all have so generously helped me raise, to people who really need it.​ 

some of my favorite things





To make a donation in honor of william's bar mitzvah

my message board

I'm very happy

to be your friend and it's very nice of you that you are donating to people who cannot afford things, or be cool like you.

Mazal tov!

Your friend,


Mazel Tov on your bar mitzvah! We were so happy to celebrate with you in Israel!


Abigail Doft

Mazal Tov


on your Bar Mitzvah!


Marc Sholes

Mazal Tov

on putting on tefillin

William in advance of your Bar Mitzvah! We can't wait to celebrate with all of you in NYC!!!


The Agus Family

Mazal Tov, William!

We love this thoughtful and caring project.


Best wishes,

Monica & Sandy Shapiro

Mazal Tov William!


We cant wait to celebrate with you.


All our love,

Suzanne, Jacob

and crew

Mazal Tov, William!

And Kol Hakavod

on this incredibly beautiful project.



Pamela & George Rohr

Mazel Tov

on William's

Bar Mitzvah!

We look forward to sharing your special day.



Stacey and Jeff

Mazal Tov William!

We really enjoyed sharing

in your Hanachat Tfillin in

Jerusalem. May you continue

to give your family and friends much nachat and we hope to see you back in Israel soon.


Tamar, Jono, Ikey, Kineret,

Max, Ellian, Yishai and Keren


Mazal Tov William!


We cant wait to

celebrate with you!


Faye, Hartley, Adriel,

Merav and Talya

M*A*Z*A*L* T*O*V*

on your becoming

a Bar-Mitzvah.

So happy to be a part

of your simcha.

Frankie & Jesse

My Dearest William, Mazel Tov and much success in all your future endeavors!!!

With much love,


Dear William,

We are so excited to celebrate your bar-mitzvah. Mazel Tov and Kudos for giving your gifts to a worthy tzedaka. Jonah wanted to say something funny but we said- no!!


The Hornblass family

Mazel Tov!


It was wonderful celebrating your Hanachat Tefillin together with you and your family!


Vivi and Rick Mann

Mazal Tov

on your Bar Mitzvah.

What a wonderful project


Eddie Zatorski

Mazal Tov

Keep up the good work.

Great project!

Irwin & Ruby Zack


on your very special day! Wish I could be there but I know you will be awesome.



Mazal Tov William!

We can't wait to celebrate with you and your family! Robyn and David Stonehill

MAZAL TOV WILLIAM! We can't wait

to celebrate with you!

Sherry and Neil Cohen


on your bar mitzvah!

We are so sorry we can't

be there . It will be an amazing weekend.

Enjoy every moment.


Eddy and Aryella

Dear William,

Mazal Tov on you upcoming

bar mitzva. may you continue

to be a great source of joy and pride to your family and friends. look forward to seeing you when we are in manhattan.

SIncerely, Barbara and Manny Joseph

What a beautiful idea.

We look forward to celebrating with you and hope that you

will continue to be a source

of nachas to your family

and community.

Ruth and Larry Kobrin

Mazel Tov, William!

We can't wait

to celebrate with you

this weekend!

 Cara & Cal

Mazel Tov

on your Bar Mizvah!

 Josh Weissman

azaltov to you, William,

on this wonderful occasion.

We are so happy to be celebrating it with you and

your family.

Kol hakavod on the fabulous tzedaka project you've taken on. Our warmest wishes,

Eve and Sammy

Mazal Tov William!

We are excited to celebrate with you!

Eli, Ellen & Shelli Cohen

Mazal Tov!!

Great job Laining and

great chesed project! Stephanie &Jonathan Freilich

Mazel Tov William!

We are thrilled to celebrate this wonderful simcha with you and your family.

Judy and Philip Wilner


on your Bar Mitzvah!

Best Wishesת

Zoe and Christophe Aurand 

Mazal Tov, William!

We love this thoughtful and caring project.

Best wishes,

Monica & Sandy Shapiro

Congrats on your Bar Mitzvah. This looks like a great project. We're happy to see that you're learning the lesson of the importance of giving back.

 Jill & Adam Semler

Mazal Tov William!

So happy we were able

to celebrate with you. Matthew and Rachel


Kol hakavod on this wonderful chesed project. You do good work William! Big Mazal Tov to you on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! We are so proud of you and proud to be your friend.

Love, Randy, Mitch, Rebecca, Sarah and Julia