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Yemima's Bat Mitzvah Tzedakah Project




Dear Family and Friends,

The past year has been hard on all of us,

but I've realized how much harder it can be for others who haven't had things like laptops and a quiet space to work.


I feel grateful for the blessings in my life and know that others don't have it as easy.


Please help me donate to Ten Gav so that more families can improve their quality of life and get the things they need to succeed.


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Mazel Tov to Yemima and her family! 

Thank you for partnering with Ten Gav to help Israeli families in need.

The Ten Gav Team

Mazel Tov Yemima!

What a wonderful Mitzvah project! We love you!

Aunt Judy, Uncle Kirk, Robyn, John, Mina, Max, &, David Engel

What a caring and thoughtful project!

May you continue to have the means and energy to be a giving person forever.

Mazal tov! Tamar Moses

What a wonderful project,

so meaningful and necessary!! Everyone is so proud of you,

what a thoughtful and caring young women you have become.

Mazel Tov!!

Linda and Paul Agranovitch

mazal tov, yemima!

what a fantastic way to give back to the community in honor of your bat mitzva!

Malka & Shlomo Hubscher

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What a wonderful cause. Sometimes the smallest acts have the largest impact.

Good luck with this campaign and best wishes on your bat mitzvah!

Shlomtzion Werblowsky

Mazel tov, Yamima on reaching this significant milestone and appreciating the importance of giving back to society and the world.

We wish you all the best for much health and happiness!

Love, Kirk, Judy, Robyn, Max, and David

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This looks like a great organization. Sometimes it just takes a little boost to accomplish big things.  

Good for you, Yemima.

Margaret Glinn & Ron Fontaine

 Messages for Yemima

Mazal tov Yemima!

What a wonderful way to celebrate this special milestone.

Wishing you & your beautiful family much love, good health & happiness, and smachot!

XX family Baynash XX

Dearest Yemima,

we love you and are so proud of everything you do.

Can't wait for your Bat Mitzvah!


Grandpa and Grandma

Mazal tov Yemima

and all the Golds!

May you go from strength to strength.

From the Browns

Dear Yemima,

Mazel and Cheers to you for undertaking this meaningful project to help others in need.  

May the joy, success and achievement of becoming a Bat Mitzvah be a special memory that you will always treasure.

With love

Fran, Roy & Taryn


Steve Glinn

We are so PROUD of you, Yemima!I am looking forward to seeing you on Zoom.



Hi Yemima --

what a wonderful girl you are, oops, woman!

I look forward to being with you on your bat mitzvah day.

I always enjoy being with you and your family.

Lots of love, Ellen


Wow, you are so big,  so thoughtfull and caring.  

Thank you for having us be a part of this project.

Love,Roi, Ari, Sirenne and Maggie Rosenberg

Mazel Tov on such a wonderful and happy occasion.

I wish I could be there this year to help you celebrate.  Perhaps, next year in Modiin!  

Much love, Aunt Joan

Dear Yemima,

We are so very proud of you!Looking forward to your special day!

With love, Saba & Savta

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רעיון מעולה לתת מי שאין כשאפשר לעזורה

הרבה איחולים לרגל הארוע

גיל ודבי אלירז

Mazal tov to you and your family!Kol hakavod on this special project!

Jackie Rosenzveig

What an amazing project, and thank you for allowing us to play a small part in this amazing effort. 

      Avner and Dalia Landes


מזל טוב וישר כוח💜🍍

Shlomtzi Werblowsky

Mazal tov Yemima! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you. Morey & Alissa

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Congratulations Yemima on your Bat Mitzvah.

We are sorry that we could not attend. We are pleased to donate to the worthy organization you have chosen. Love to you from

Vicki, Mark and Gregory Rudy

Mazal tov to Yemima and all the lovely Golds!

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