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Yemima's Bat Mitzvah Tzedaka Project




Dear friends and family,

The past year has been hard on all of us,

but I've realized how much harder it can be for others who haven't had things like laptops and a quiet space to work.


I feel grateful for the blessings in my life and know that others don't have it as easy.


Please help me donate to Ten Gav so that more families can improve their quality of life and get the things they need to succeed.


 Messages for Yemima

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Mazel Tov to Yemima and her family! 

Thank you for partnering with Ten Gav to help Israeli families in need.

The Ten Gav Team

Mazel Tov Yemima!

What a wonderful Mitzvah project! We love you!

Aunt Judy, Uncle Kirk, Robyn, John, Mina, Max, &, David Engel

What a caring and thoughtful project!

May you continue to have the means and energy to be a giving person forever.

Mazal tov!

Tamar Moses

What a wonderful project,

so meaningful and necessary!! Everyone is so proud of you,

what a thoughtful and caring young women you have become. Mazel Tov!!

Linda and Paul Agranovitch

mazal tov, yemima!

what a fantastic way to give back to the community in honor of your bat mitzva!

Malka & Shlomo Hubscher

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