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EDEN's Bat Mitzvah Tzedaka Project

Hi everyone! I've chosen to partner with Ten Gav for my Bat Mitzvah.


This means that I'm inviting you to celebrate with me by donating to Ten Gav. 


Ten Gav helps Israelis in need - real people with real issues. 

Through Ten Gav, we can help buy appliances, computers, fund training courses, and more.


Each need is validated by a social worker, and 100% of your donation goes to charity.

I'm looking forward to selecting the Ten Gav stories to help fund after my Bat Mitzvah!


Thank you so much for visiting!




My Bat Mitzvah

 is coming up!

 Messages for Eden

Hi Eden,

congrats on nearing this

wonderful milestone. Also,

it's great to give to a charity

where 100% of the proceeds

go directly to the needy,

you selected well!

Jeff and Catherine



Dora Glinn

What a wonderful thing to do

in honor of your special day!

You are a very special,

young woman.


Joan Goldstein


Steve Glinn

and Miriam Glinn

Mazel to you on

becoming a Bat Mitzvah

and partnering with Ten Gav.

May your studies and

hard work bring you

success in all you do.

Fran, Roy & Taryn


Mazal tov Eden!

So proud of you for choosing

such a meaningful way

to give and celebrate

this milestone!!

Michal Berman

Dear Eden,

Your bubble is so PROUD of you

and all your accomplishments!!!

We are so excited to be with you

on your special day!


Bubbe and Ed


on your up and coming

Bat Mitzvah!!

May you always have

joy in your life.

Love to you.

Aunt Lisa & Uncle Jerry

 Such a big

Mazel Tov at this

special time!

With love!

Savta and Saba