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Eytan's Bar Mitzvah Tzedaka Project

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Dear Family and Friends,

I am celebrating my Bar Mitzvah on Rosh Chodesh Iyar. In the prayers of the new month, it says: “Renew this month with goodness and blessings, joy and gladness…sustenance and support, for life and for peace….”

I am grateful for the many blessings in my life but I know that other children and families aren’t as lucky. I want to bring joy into their lives by giving them what they need to improve their quality of life and succeed.
Please donate to Ten Gav and help me make a difference in someone’s life.

Thank you very much!

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 Messages for Eytan

Mazel Tov to Eytan and his family!  Thank you for partnering with Ten Gav to help Israeli families in need.

The Ten Gav Team

Mazal Tov!

Wishing you much health and happiness! 

Esther & Craig Guttman

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Mazal Tov Eytan!

From The Citron Family

Mazal Tov! 

We are so sorry to miss the celebrations. We are so proud of you!

Zale & Lisa Spodek

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Mazal tov on your big day!

Sari & Brian Klaff

Kol hakavod on this project! Mazel Tov!!

Dovid and Meira Friedman

Dear Eytan, Mazel Tov on your becoming a Bar Mitzvah. May you continue to be a source of nachat to your family and Klal Yisrael.

Uncle Harry and Doda Liora

Mazal Tov, Eytan!! I wish we could be there to celebrate!!

Love, Missy, Adam, Leah, and Nina

Hashem should bless you with all the shefa brachot that he has in store for you. You should use those brachot for gemilut chasadim, maasim tovim, and a Gordie Howe Hatrick!

Mazal Tov from Shoshana and Aaron Rosenzweig

איתן היקר, מזל טוב ורוב אושר, שמחים בשמחתך, עד 120, שיתגשמו משאלותיך. שפע של

נחת לכל בני המשפחה.

נדין ושמוליק

Mazel Tov on the occasion of your Bar Mitzvah!

Janet and Arnie Frohlich

Dear Eytan, 

Wishing we could celebrate with you and your family!!

Mazal Tov!!

Paul & Sari Weinberger 

Mazel Tov Eytan. Make Manitoba Proud!!!! Enjoy

Ari and Karen Rosenzweg


Mazal tov, Eytan! What a wonderful bar mitzvah idea - kol hakavod!

Rachel Karlin

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מזל טוב. כל הכבוד

Marshall stitz

Mazel tov Eytan. I hope your love of hockey helps and inspires you to grow in Torah and mitzvot.

Joseph Hellerstein

Mazal tov to you and all your amazing family!


Rachel & Aaron Feldman

Mazal tov! Sorry we couldn’t be with you to celebrate your simcha!

Dee and Hershel Rappaport

Mazal Tov Eytan, You did a great job - keep being awesome!

Tamar & Jono

Mazel Tov to you Eytan, and to your wonderful family! Wishing you joy, happiness and adventure as you become a Bar Mitzvah man!! See you in Gimli…

Lisa & Alan

Eytan pieces.png

Eytan you did a fantastic job on your BarMitzvah. We are lucky to have someone like you join the next generation of the Jewish People. I wish you a fulfilling life full of good deeds.

Tina Bellomo

Mazal Tov Eytan!

Dana & Ilan 


Eytan, Mazel Tov to you and your wonderful family. We are so happy to be a part of this beautiful tzedaka project! Wishing you many more years of mitzvot, happiness, and lots and lots of hockey!! 


Howie, Miriam, Shalom, Gabi and Shaina

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