Keren's Bat Mitzvah Tzedaka Project

Dear family and friends. 

While studying Megillat Rut for my Bat-Mitzvah

I learned about the importance of doing Chessed.  I decided that I would like to share my good fortune with others who don’t have everything they need to succeed in life.

I would be grateful if you could help me raise money for Ten Gav, and help families in need improve their quality of life and help fulfil their dreams.

Thank you!



 Messages for Keren

Mazal Tov!

We are looking forward to sharing in your simcha.

May you grow מחיל לחיל!


Mr. and Mrs. Grossman

(Vivi's parents)

Mazel Tov to Keren and her family!  Thank you for partnering with Ten Gav to help Israeli families in need.

The Ten Gav Team

Dear Keren,

Mazal tov on this momentous occasion of your bat-mitzvah. We are thrilled to be able to celebrate with you in this meaningful way as you read Megillat Rut. We will be honored to share with you your bat-mitzvah chesed project. May you succeed in all of your endeavors with joy, fulfillment & nachat! Fondly, Esti & David Martin


מזל טוב לרגל בת המצווה

כל הכבוד על התרומה


הילה בר

Mazel tov Keren

and kol hakavod! Mireet and Joseph Wolf

Wishing you a big Mazal Tov !



from Carl Maurisa and Matanel

Mauisa Linde

איזה פרויקט נהדר לתרום לו! מזל טוב קרן

חנה אדרעי

mazal tov on


bat mitzvah


Sarah Green 

קרן יקרה,

מאחלים לך הרבה שמחה

בהגיעך לגיל מצוות.

יהי רצון שתעלי מעלה מעלה בתורה, במצוות, במידות טובות ובמעשים טובים. מאחלים משפחת בלבין

Yashar koach and mazal tov !!♥️ Elisheva

Audrey Fried

מזל טוב

דליה ברק

Mazal tov Keren!

Kol hakavod!!

With much love,

Goody and Eric

Mazel tov Keren!!

Love Sasha and Yoni

Mazal Tov Keren! You chose a wonderful tzedaka project!

Adam Klein

Mazal Tov Keren on becoming a beautiful Bat Mitzva and on choosing such a worthwhile cause! All my good wishes for a glorious, happy future! Omama Kahan

Dear Keren,

Mazal Tov!

We were so happy to celebrate your simcha with you! כל הכבוד!!!

The Spindels

Mazel tov Keren and kol hakavod!

Mireet and Joseph Wolf

you did a great job reading megilat Ruth and clearly learned something very meaningful - 'chesed'/compassion and charity.

Ellen and Emanuel

Dearest Keren,

This is such a wonderful batmitzvah project and you are such a fabulous batmitzvah girl! with love

from Vicky and Jon xxx

Mazal tov Keren!

What a beautiful initiative in honor of your bat mitzva. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to this special organization and for including us in your simcha! We can't wait to celebrate with you!

Tami and David Pruwer

Mazal Tov Keren,

All our love,

Debby and Jeffrey Brooks  

Lots of love

and good wishes on this special occasion!

Clarissa and Neil

Mazal Tov to you,

dear Keren!

We love and admire you!

Best wishes always,

Auntie Rochelle and family

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